Nolans HomeFront
1st Floor Treble Court, Palmerston Rd, Gisborne
Phone:- 06 867 1209

Checklist - Buying

How does the location of the property suit you?

Is it on a busy traffic route?

What is the condition of the neighbouring properties?

Does the overall tone of the neighbourhood suit you?

Does the house have good natural light and ventilation?

Is the toilet separate from the bathroom? (This is wise if you have a big family)

Is there plenty of storage space? If not... there space to build more cupboards?

Has the electrical meter been relocated outside or is it still inside the house?

Is there dampness, any borer, flaking paint inside and out?

Note the condition of wallpaper, woodwork and doors.
Is the house close to...

- Schools,

- Shops,

- Transport,

- Your Workplace.

Is the kitchen right, with sufficient cupboard space?

What about the position and size of the sink bench?

Is the stove of suitable size, quality and in good condition? (It is a fixed chattel)

Is the space for the refrigerator adequate to fit the fridge you already own?

Is there room for a dishwasher and your clothes washing machine?

Is the property on...

- Town water and waste disposal, or...

- On rainwater storage and septic tank, or...

- Some other system?

What is the condition of the curtains, blinds and drapes, carpeting and other floor coverings?
What chattels are to remain in the house when you buy?

Is there a clothesline?

What standard are the laundry facilities?

Are the bedrooms airy without being draughty?

Will housework be easier because the areas devoted to working, relaxing and sleeping are separately and sensibly grouped?

If your family is likely to need an increased amount of space in the future, is there room for expansion?

Is there enough garage or carport space for your vehicles?

Is there storage space beneath the house?

Is there a garden shed?

Does the garage have a workbench or enough space for you to store all your gear, or pursue your hobbies?

The garden - are there fruit trees and established trees and shrubs, fences or retaining walls, plenty of good topsoil?

Is there enough space for the children to play safely?

Is the section well-drained?

Is it well-fenced and private?

Can you get a vehicle/trailer round the back?

What is the state of the guttering, downpipes and drains?

Are there any tall trees on this section or next door that could shade or fall on the buildings?

Is the structure built of low-maintenance materials?

Are the window frames wooden or aluminium?

What is the state of the paintwork?

And finally, if any work is necessary, what is it all going to cost?