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Other Matters To Consider With Your Choice Of Home

The decision to purchase a house is at least 70% emotional and 30% sensible. While the joy of living in your dream home cannot be measured, the financial costs of unexpected problems can be high.

  • Consider any potential problems including rights of access, and easements to cover services such as phone, power, gas, water and sewage reticulation etc, plus any reservations or restrictions that might apply to the land or your use of it.

your lawyer will be a great help to check the title and explain anything recorded on it that could be of concern.

  • Having the property inspected by a builder, roofer, plumber, electrician and possibly a surveyor can be very worthwhile and could save you much further aggravation and sometimes many thousands of dollars.
  • Get a Land Information Memorandum (LIM) from the local District Council

The LIM provides you with all the information the Council holds on a particular property. This will include zoning, permissible land uses, rates, building and plumbing consents issued, flooding and other potential natural hazard problems such as erosion. A LIM should give you a reasonably comprehensive picture of the property you are buying.

If you are seriously interested in a property and want to commit all of your savings, a bank loan and 15-20 years of hard earned interest payments on that loan into the house you owe it for yourself and your family to check it out first. Visit the house three or four times to really check it out. Don't be pressured into signing up, especially an unconditional offer until you are completely sure of what you are doing.

  • Is the house insulated?
  • Is the chimney or fire place safe and serviceable?
  • Are there any visible leaks, uneven floors, windows and doors that jam?
  • Is there any sign of slippage on the section, cracked concrete paths and driveways?
  • Do all the chattels actually work?
  • Stove, oven, hot water system, electrical plugs, toilets, cisterns etc
  • What extra chattels are included in the sale?