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Open Homes

An Open Home is an opportunity for people to look at a variety of houses in casual setting. They do not have to phone an agent to set up a meeting to view the house privately.

Some people going to Open Homes are simply curious and not actively seeking a new home. This can change however when they see how great your home is or they may know someone who would be interested.

It is best if you are not present during the Open Home. Leave this to your agent and go somewhere to relax for an hour!

The agent will require everyone who enters your home to fill in a register and encourage people to take their shoes off before they go inside. They agent will follow up the visit to ascertain the level of interest in the property and report to you.

Tips on Creating a Great First Impression

Make your house as welcoming as possible for the open home.

Ensure the lawn is neat and freshly mown and the garden is tidy. A garden fill of colour is attractive.

Take the washing off the line.

Take any pet dogs with you, don't leave them at home. Not everyone is a dog lover.

Leave the garage door open. Ensure the garage is tidy and all clutter has been removed. You want to make the garage look spacious and useful.

Lock away any expensive tools and equipment (this goes for belongings inside too). Not all visitors are honest.

Clear the kitchen bench of dishes and ensure the kitchen is clean and tidy.

Put flowers in vases on tables, fruit in a fruit bowl. It does not matter if this is something you would not normally do.

Give the house one more vacuum over and check all rooms are ready for inspection by the open home visitors.

Consider renting furniture if yours is looking tatty. The buyer is not buying your furniture but attractive furniture enhances the look of the room.

If you have lots of photos and personal items on display take some of them away to reduce clutter and to help your buyer imagine their own things in your home.

Ensure all your cupboards and wardrobes are tidy as they will be opened. Tidy cupboards look more spacious than untidy ones.

Turn all the lights on ' even on a sunny day.

If it is warm then open some windows - if it is cold have the fire going or other heating

Have music playing softly in the background

Put a roast in the oven for dinner, the kitchen will smell nice and if you do not eat the meat for dinner it will make nice sandwiches!

At an open home and during any visit by a potential buyer you want to give the impression that your home has been well-loved and cared for.