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What Your Lawyer Does For You?

  • A step by step guide to the legal process once the contract for sale is signed.
  • Receive and Review Contract
  • Send letter of acknowledgement and advice to you
  • If Contract Conditional
  • Seek and receive notification as to whether contract conditions have been met
  • If not contract of an end, report to you and advise real estate agent
  • If conditions met advise you and real estate agent
  • Once Contract Unconditional
  • Obtain and Check Search of Title
  • Obtain rates details from local authority; prepare and send settlement statement to purchaser's solicitor
  • Request discharge of any mortgage and repayment statement from mortgagee
  • Receive transfer (or advice of e-dealing number) and sale notices from purchaser's solicitor
  • Prepare Authority and Instruction (A&I) form and enter dealing details on line (if an electronic transaction)
  • Attend on you to sign transfer or A&I form as required
  • Receive settlement monies from purchaser's solicitor
  • Forward transfer and discharge of mortgage to purchaser's solicitor or release online
  • Attend to repayment of mortgage
  • Authorise release of keys to purchaser
  • Forward Sale Notices to local authority
  • Report to you